Bally D, Coventry

I thoroughly enjoyed my Geneo+ facial with Jo. I was concerned my skin tone was decreasing with age and was experiencing increased skin pigmentation and fine lines. I was open and curious to see how much could be improved by one treatment. Jo was very warm and professional and at each stage of the treatment explained what was happening. I was concerned about the heat from the treatment because I have sensitive skin but she chose the correct setting which was comfortable for my skin type. Jo took some photos of both side and front views before and after the treatment. I felt this was a good idea because I could see in detail how effective the treatment was before and after. I could see clearly how toned my skin was, the lines were smoother and pigmentation slightly reduced. I also felt relaxed during the treatment and better within myself.

Neal, Coventry

Before I found Allure, I felt like giving up on trying to lose weight because it seemed like I had tried everything without seeing any results. However, when I started my treatments with Jo I felt like I was making good progress and becoming more confident each week. This is because every week I was losing weight as well as inches off my stomach and other areas that were being treated. I feel without the fantastic support from Jo and everyone at Allure it wouldn’t have been possible to lose about 8 stone in just over a year. I would recommend Allure to anyone who is looking to lose weight as I believe with the support from Allure anyone can lose weight. I would like to say a massive thanks to Allure as you have changed my life forever and made me a more confident and energetic person

Iain, Coventry

I used to have bags under my eyes, they looked awful. Since having regular laser treatment at the Allure Clinic there has been a major reduction in them. Jo has done a wonderful job, and she and the rest of the staff who work there have always been very friendly and helpful.