Bio Dermology


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The Bio-Dermology™ cellulite reduction system has been designed to provide effective cellulite reduction, resulting in an increased metabolic rate and improvement of the overall skin condition.

Bio-Dermology provides safe and effective treatments for the following:

  • Cellutite Reduction
  • Body Firming/Toning
  • Body Slimming
  • Body Contouring
  • Facial Lymphatic Drainage
  • Body Lymphatic Drainage
  • Increased Blood Circulation (increased metabolism)

How is Cellulite formed?

As the name suggests, cellulite is to do with the cells. Specifically it is fat that is ‘trapped’ within the cells, and thus they ‘swell’ thereby appearing as dimples and lumps on the body. Usually there is a layer between the fat cells and the skin called ‘septa’ which prevents the fat cells from affecting the texture or the appearance of the skin itself. However when the cellulite becomes trapped in the fat cells they can end up breaking through the septa and thereby creating the ‘orange peel’ look of the skin. Normally the lymphatic circular system in our bodies works as almost a ‘garbage chute’ in our body and drains fluids like fat and other waste from our cells. The problem occurs when this circulatory system is affected and some areas don’t get drained, thereby causing the cells to swell.

How does it work?

Bio-Dermology cellulite reduction treatments work on the principle of vacuum massage. Through increased circulation of the lymphatic and circulatory systems, these advanced treatments ensure that the nutritive elements, vitamins and minerals leave the blood capillaries and travel to the connective tissue. The cells are then able to obtain the necessary elements for increased metabolism and elimination of waste products. As the dermis and epidermis tissues are oxygenated, fed and drained, the cellulite begins to loosen and move.