Flabelos Power Plate



Visit our Vibro-Station, a room dedicated to whole body workouts.
The room is equipped with two Flabélos Power Plates, the ultimate whole body vibration workout machine and an ab machine, designed to help you build and tone your abs.

Use the room for £25 a month – which allows for three twenty minute sessions a week, or for £5 per session.

Flabélos Power Plates

Flabélos is the first vibration machine registered as a Class 2A Medical Device.
The machine provides a whole body workout in only ten minutes and is incredibly easy to use. It works for any fitness level and it’s effects can be seen and felt immediately.

Simply stand on the Flabélos Power Plate, put your feet apart then select your desired programme level. The tilting movement on the platform alternates continuously. The machine will work through a sequence of vibration levels during the session.

Use Flabélos to:

Strengthen Calves
Tone Hamstrings
Tone Quadriceps
Tone Abdominal
Under Arm Muscle Toning
Upper Body Toning
Calf Massage
Thigh Shaping

Flabélos provides Medically Approved Relief for:

Arthritic & Rheumatic Pain
Lack Of Mobility
Minimise Lower Back Pain
Build Muscle Tone
Poor Circulation
Reduce Cellulite
Lose Weight
Burn Fat