Driver Exams

Our Mission

Midland Medical Group is a group of local GPs who provide friendly and reliable medical services for clients. You will be seen in our local clinics at a convenient time in a relaxed and comfortable environment

Experience and Professionalism

We will ensure that your hgv dvla d4 medical is completed accurately and professionally

When do I need a D4 DVLA Medical?

  • If you are applying for a Group 2 license, also known as ‘vocational licences’, for large goods vehicles (lorries), passenger carrying vehicles (buses) and horse boxes
  • If you are renewing your entitlement to a Group 2 license at 45 years
  • From 45 years to 65 years you will need a D4 medical exam every 5 years
  • At 65 years old you will need an annual D4 medical

When do I need a Taxi Medical?

Whether your application or renewal is for a private hire, hackney carriage or dual license badge you must undergo a group 2 medical examination to ensure you are medically capable of providing taxi services. The local authority issuing your license will decide how often you need a medical examination.


Refer a friend or colleague to us and we will pay a £10 administration fee on completion of the medical examination



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